Ever wanted to know how your Guinness fairs in comparison to some of the best pints in the city? Well now you can. Tap into over thirty years experience of not only Guinness draft systems but also bar management and ownership by having the Best Guinness NYC team drop by and give you their professional opinion of your pint.

Services include…

Guinness tasting and private review.
Guinness draft system inspection.
Bartender training.
Secret Patron reviews.

We guarantee to always be honest and upfront with clients about our findings. If our results turn out to be favourable we will happily post them on our site. If not we are happy to provide a constructive report, including recommendations to clients. We would never post anything without the prior consent of a client. It is our wish to bring our audience the best Guinness possible, serving as a promotional outlet for bars we have enjoyed is a happy coincidence of our favourite past time. We want every bar to have the best Guinness in NYC!

Email info@bestguinnessnyc.com for our extremely competitive rates and tailored packages, starting from just $50!