New York Brogue
3.6Overall Score

New York Brogue

In 2007, singer and percussionist Danny Flinn, guitarist Matt Stapleton, and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Sharp, formed New York Brogue in an effort to capture the free-wheeling energy of the Bronx Irish seisiu... Read More...
Mary Courtney
4.9Overall Score

Mary Courtney

Mary Courtney grew up in a musical family in the parish of Castlegregory, near the sea in County Kerry, a likely beginning for this remarkable singer and guitarist. Whether accompanying herself, or holding the ... Read More...
broken-banjo strings
3.7Overall Score

Broken Banjo Strings

Born out of the desire to play tunes, and perhaps a imbibe in a few libations, Broken Banjo Strings have been playing collectively since 2012, but individually, their musical experiences are astoundingly unique... Read More...
Jameson's Revenge
4.0Overall Score

Jameson’s Revenge

Back in 2006, a loosely connected group of Irish & American musicians living in The Bronx & Westchester would spontaneously meet up at different seisiuns around town from time to time to sit down, play,... Read More...
Morning Star NYC
4.9Overall Score

Morning Star

Mary Courtney formed Morning Star in 1982 in the Bronx. Since then they have        recorded several albums, and played at a variety of festivals across the USA. Morning Star is a stellar line up of gifted mu... Read More...