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87%Overall Score

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This week as promised we travel back down the Island and to Alphabet city, to a spot recommended to us from one of our Facebook fans, Dorian Gray Tap and Grill on the north side of 4th street between Avenue A & B.

After finding Dorian Gray’s a little off the beaten track, we look over the specials board and exterior then make our way into a nice homely interior filled with wood and exposed brick. Although not the busiest for early on a Saturday night, our suspicions that this is a great neighbourhood bar are realised later on when the bar fills with locals.

So with one or two folks around the place sipping a Guinness we dive right in…

The Pour. Now whether you feel it was fortunate or not, we ordered just as a fresh barrel had been tapped. So with perhaps a somewhat unorthodox pour (to ensure a good head from the fresh keg) we raise a glass, examine the perfectly crowned head without a bubble in site, then down the hatch. Oh yes! You can tell this is a fresh barrel, but also that the pour is good, the gas is spot on and the lines well cared for.

As We Progress with the “sampling” we look over the menu and order up some food to soak up the black stuff. The food arrives in good time and the bartender sets up the next “sample”.

With a few more patrons around, the new barrel begins to flow and we can see by the next pour the man from Dublin has all the knowledge and experience to pour a proper pint. The glass is held at the proper distance and angle to the spout of the tap. The first pour is then left in front of us to tantalise us as to what is to come. Then the pint is then topped off with the perfect crown.

After several more “samples” we conclude Dorian Gray’s Guinness is definitely up there amongst the best, despite only being 16 ounces. But what we must stress above all here is that the Guinness may have been good, but after some great Craic from two of the best bartenders we’ve come across, Dorian Gray’s is a must visit for anyone looking for a good night on the Lower East side. We all agreed that even if the Guinness wasn’t good we would go back just for the bartenders!

Dorian Gray’s may be a little off the beaten track but please find your way here! (Especially if you work in the industry)

With 10 drafts on tap, great whisky & liquor list, plus an interesting array of cocktails, you’ll find something for every taste.

Food tip – Give the grilled cheese with Kerrygold Irish cheddar cheese served with tomato soup for only $8, you won’t be disappointed!

Although there was no live music when we were here, our research indicates Dorian Gray’s is a top music venue. Plus with two or three nonintrusive TV’s around, would be a good spot to catch up on your favourite sports, with a Guinness of course!

Happy hour – Monday through Friday 4-7pm

You can follow Dorian Gray on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and at

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