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Mary Courtney grew up in a musical family in the parish of Castlegregory, near the sea in County Kerry, a likely beginning for this remarkable singer and guitarist. Whether accompanying herself, or holding the rhythm line with her trad band, Morning Star, she is a consummate musician. Her music is an engaging collaboration of traditional Irish music and a progressive social conscience born of a political education in the United States. Her bodhrán (Irish hand-held drum) playing offers another dimension to her exceptional performance. Courtney has used her music to spread Irish culture and to educate her audience about the struggles of the Irish people. From rock ‘n’ roll to the ethereal strains of some ancient Celtic bard, Mary can sing anything, and sing it unforgettably.



Mary’s Regular Gigs

Every Friday, Bronx, An Beal Bocht Café, 445 West 238th St., 6- 8 pm
Every Saturday NYC, St. Andrews, 140 W 46th St, 9 pm
Every other Sunday NYC, O’Briens ( 46th St bet Broadway & 6thAve). 5 – 8 pm
Every other Sunday NYC, Peter Dillons 36th Street (bet 5th & Madison) 5 – 8 pm
Every Monday NYC, The Crooked Knife (29 East 30th St. bet Madison & Park Ave) 5- 9pm, w/Donie Ryan


We have seen Mary play on numerous occasions and in numerous guises and she never disappoints. Mary is not to be missed. Check out some of her regular gigs listed above, most of which you can enjoy a cracking pint of Guinness at.

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5 Responses

  1. Mary Ellen Jacobs

    Mary is a remarkable musician with fantastic voice which rings true with deep the deep emotion and connection to her audience, of traditional balladeer! I only am able to get up to NYC to see her once or twice a year, but it is always a great session and worth the trip!

  2. Cynthia

    I left New York after nearly twenty years and moved back to the Bay Area. There are a few things I am really nostalgic for when I think of New York, and Mary is top of the list. Go see her in the Bronx on a snowy night in a warm pub, there’s nothing like it. Or on a summer night, for that matter. Just go see her.

  3. Beth

    Noooooo…. I think I selected 44% or something as my vote as I am using a touch screen. I meant to select 100%. Can this please be changed to reflect my true vote??

  4. Pat

    The purity of Mary’s voice draws the listener close and then her sincerity about the traditional music of which she is a master begins to register. Mary weaves stories that give the music historical context into heartfelt, straight-ahead musical brilliance. There is none better.


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