Morning Star
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Mary Courtney

Mary Courtney formed Morning Star in 1982 in the Bronx. Since then they have        recorded several albums, and played at a variety of festivals across the USA. Morning Star is a stellar line up of gifted musicians. Kerry born Mary Courtney possesses a voice with a beauty, depth, and clarity of tone that few can equal. She tells the stories of humanity’s struggle, tales of injustice, love and longing, and you are spell bound.




John Redmond


John Redmond on button accordion is the driving force in a joyous cascade of jigs and reels that leave you breathless.  He left Co Wexford with 4 All-Ireland titles, and for years has played with the finest musicians in New York City, in a variety of genres. One of the great box players of our day, with a bright and lively waterfall of sound, flawlessly melodic on tunes, subtle and sensitive in his backing of Mary’s songs, John is a brilliant and powerful musician.



Donie Ryan

A key element in the high energy of Morning Star is Donie Ryan on tenor banjo. Born and raised in Co Tipperary, now settled in Queens, he is an integral part of the New York trad scene, a rock solid player who is always note for note, with a deft and lyrical touch that blends perfectly with John’s accordion and Mary’s guitar. Morning Star beguiles the listener with compelling grace and boundless energy, certain to lift your feet and your spirit.

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