Peter Dillons 36th
Pour 90%
Taste 90%
16 or 20 Ounce 50%
Bartender 85%
Atmosphere 80%
Overall Experience 85%
80%Overall Score

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The next stop on our search for the Best pint of Guinness in NYC takes us back down to midtown and just off the shopping capital of the world, Fifth Avenue. Walk down Fifth Avenue to 36th Street and on your left on the Southside of the street (currently hiding behind some scaffolding), you will be greeted by an inviting short staircase. Being pulled down the three or four steps by the hypnotic sound of traditional Irish music by two of our favourite musicians (Mary Courtney and Patrick Madden) we find ourselves at the packed bar of Peter Dillons 36th ordering up our first round.

With the bartender being from Dublin he really has no excuse for not pouring the perfect pint, or so we joke with him. Sure enough though the Dublin lad makes the first pour well with the glass at a good angle and proximity to the nozzle. The top off is also finished nicely with a good crown.

Unable to bag a seat at the bar we move our way through the predominantly Irish crowd to the traditional small pub tables on the other side where we have a great view of the session already in full swing.

With not too many Guinness drinkers around and our first pint not being in a Guinness glass, although it was in a tulip glass (Some people are fussy about their glass. Every pint after was in a new Gravity Glass) we raise the 16 ounce glass and take our first sip. Our taste buds are immediately greeted with a light smooth taste, which continues all the way down. The lines at Peter Dillons 36th must me relatively short because although the first was good, the difference by the second and especially the third was night and day. By the third pint our favourite stout was so much smoother and the head far creamier. Proof that Guinness has to keep flowing. Don’t get us wrong though; if we’d stopped in for a quick pint we would have been content with the first. Perhaps running off a pint or two each day would help even more? (The bartenders share?)

The session every second Sunday 5-8pm has been one of our favourites so far, with the crowd joining in and even the bartenders entertaining us with some fantastically written songs of their own!

We have to thank the musicians and the bartenders, especially John for an evening of great music, Guinness and of course Craic. One our favourite features of the bar was the huge Jameson cabinet at the end of the bar, unfortunately it was locked!

The next time we are maxing out the credit cards on Fifth or heading for the Garden, we will be sure to stop by. If you do anything please go see the session on a Sunday it has to be one of the finest around.

Peter Dillons 36th happy hour runs Mon-Fri 4-7pm

$4 Stella, Blue Moon, Bud light $4 shots of Jameson, Jagermeister and Cuervo all day and night.

Having no kitchen Peter Dillons 36th employs a Bring Your Own Food policy. You can either bring your own food or have the bar call one of the various delivery spots in the neighbourhood for you.

Don’t forget you can follow Peter Dillons 36th at their website, Facebook and on twitter.


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