Guinness glass

After sparking somewhat of an accidental debate on our Facebook page and reading plenty articles on the subject. We thought it about time everyone should have a place to give their own opinion on which Guinness glass they prefer their favourite stout in.

It seems there are three different categories of opinions. First we have the traditionalists who of course prefer the Tulip Guinness glass. We then have the modernists who like the new Gravity Guinness glass, and lastly we have the “I don’t feckin care as long as my glass is full” crowd.

Guinness Glass

Lets start with the new Gravity glass. You can’t deny the glass on its own is a thing of beauty. The way the glass is cut at the bottom and the harp emboss on the rear. The Gravity glass is almost like the satisfying ‘clunk’ you get from a German car door closing, it feels well made, with thicker glass, making it feel heavier than it’s predecessor.

But in our opinion the Gravity glass will have a tough job to replace the old faithful Tulip glass. Guinness just seems to pour better in it, the Gravity glass never quite gets the head right for some reason. Plus, as one of our Facebook followers rightly pointed out, the lack of curves on the Gravity glass definitely reduces your grip on that precious pint, never a good thing!

So think of this page as your opportunity to have your say, some have even suggested that we use this page as a petition to sign to bring back the Tulip glass! whatever your opinion we would love to hear it. So sign the petition…. sorry, we mean leave us your opinion now.

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  1. M. Satterthwaite

    I’m still confused about which glass is the tulip and which is the Gravity. Is the tulip glass on the left or right?


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