Best Guinness NYC was conceived by a mix of Irish and Scottish folk who have a passion for a well poured, great tasting pint of Guinness. They are not professional writers or journalists (So please excuse their grammar skills!) who “think” they know a decent pint!

They have collectively over 30 years experience in pouring Guinness, maintaining Guinness draft systems, plus Irish bar management and ownership. Not to mention the literally thousands of pints of Guinness drank around the globe along the way!

So, it’s Best Guinness NYC’s mission, not only to find the best pint of Guinness in New York City but also what you get with your pint. No one wants to sit with a great pint of Guinness in a bar where you are judged you by the cut of your suite! When you’re out for a Guinness you want the “Craic”, friendly atmosphere, some Trad maybe, a bartender that knows how to pour a great pint and as a good man once said “Maybe a wee Bushmills or Jameson to wash it down?”

Best Guinness NYC looks forward to bringing you this and a whole lot more. So lets raise a glass to good times, good Guinness and some great craic! We hope you enjoy the ride with us!

Best Guinness NYC