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Back in 2006, a loosely connected group of Irish & American musicians living in The Bronx & Westchester would spontaneously meet up at different seisiuns around town from time to time to sit down, play, have a few laughs (pints) and let the tunes go where they may. After a short time they began to play various events and gigs at different music venues but no line-up would ever be the same from one gig to another. In March ’08 they collaberated on and released a cd titled “Straight from the Bottle” in the hopes of featuring the music from these extremely talented players. To this day some folks still regard the album as: “one of the best Trad-Irish compilations no-one has ever heard”.
 Since then a few players have moved on to pursue other opportunities and today the group’s main line-up is comprised of the following four friends. 



Influenced by a multitude of various musical styles and growing up in a culturally diverse neighborhood in “da” Bronx during the late ’80’s & 90’s it was only natural for Brian to infuse African, Latin and other world beats into Irish music. While this concept isn’t entirely new what sets Brian apart from most other percussionists on the NY Irish music scene today is in his delivery. Playing with undying energy, unmatched enthusiasm and mostly reckless abandon Brian is undoubtedly the driving force behind the group.



Andrew McCarrick – (FLUTE, TIN WHISTLE)

Growing up in the Throgs Neck section of The Bronx, Andrew has been surrounded by traditional Irish music all of his life. Having learned the flute from his father at a young age he began to eagerly pursue his interest in the music by the age of 14.  Influenced by legends such as Matt Molloy, Michael McGoldrick, Kevin Crawford, Seamus Egan, The Bothy Band or just about anyone else that catches his ear much of his energy is now concentrated on composing his own tunes. Having developed so fast as a player at such a young age Andrew will surely be an intregal part of the NY Irish music scene (& beyond) for many years to come. He is also a member of the 2011 World Champion & 2012 North American Champion NY Metro Pipes & Drums Band. 



John “Tex” Walsh – (GUITAR, VOCALS)

Bronx born, John spent his childhood and early adult life in Kilkenny, Eire where he took up the guitar and surrounded himself with the rich musical heritage from that region of Ireland. Regarded by many as one of the best Celtic guitar players in America he frequently accompanies some of the biggest names in Irish music today, most notably Paddy Keenan, legendary uileann piper from The Bothy Band. When he’s not playing Lowden guitars, eating pistachio ice cream or running his recording studio in Mamaroneck, N.Y. you can catch John cheering on Killkenny in the All-Ireland hurling finals every year. G’wan the Cats!



Denis McCarthy – (FIDDLE, TIN WHISTLE)

Like many Irish-American kids growing up in “da” Bronx in the late 70’s & ’80’s Denny was a student of Limerick fiddler Martin Mulvihill. During that time Martin was turning out one great musician after another (some of whom are among the biggest names in Irish music today). Soaking up everything Martin taught him the same way a dry sponge soaks up water, Denny learned early-on the importance of always maintaining a healthy respect for the “tradition” of Irish music while at the same time never being afraid to put his own stamp on the tunes. During those few years under Mulvihill’s guidance and encouragement he developed a style of playing that helped him win numerous All-Ireland titles on the fiddle in solo competition as well as an All-Ireland title in duet competition with his brother Kevin on the piano accordian. Splitting his time with Jameson’s Revenge and the NY based group Shilelagh Law Denny maintains the firm belief that if a tune isn’t played from the heart it shouldn’t be played at all.




Keep up to date with Jameson’s Revenge online at their website and follow them on Facebook 


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