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After a memorial weekend filled with Guinness, good times with friends and family we are back on the trail for New York City’s best pint of Guinness. With friends and family out for the holidays showing off the bright lights of the city is thirsty work. In need of refreshment, we make our way to 9th Ave and down to 39th street where we are greeted by the bright red exterior of Scallywags Irish pub & Restaurant. With a need to satisfy our thirst we quickly make our way inside passed the Irish bunting and numerous specials boards outside. Unfortunately there was no room at the bar for us all but we manage to bag a table opposite the bar.

The waitress is straight across to take our order and we wait while the bartender works his magic. Lining up five twenty ounce glasses he starts the first pour at the proper angle. We are able to hear the satisfying hiss from the nitrogen tap across the bar which is a great sign that the gas is good, which is backed up by the first pour taking just the correct amount of time to settle. Each pint is then topped off with a perfect crowned head. As is often the trouble with Guinness being served in restaurants, will the Guinness make it to the table without letting any of that perfect crown escape down the glass? Not today! The waitress doesn’t loose a drop even with a tray full of glasses they make it to us without a drop missing.

So down to business, without a bubble in sight on the head we toast and get on with it. We all agreed that the Guinness was smooth with a good light taste in comparison to some other pints we’ve sampled. The head leaves a pretty good wake down the glass. Our second and third are also the same which is always a good sign.

As we contemplate paying up and moving on the live music begins with a solo guitarist playing a nice compliment of covers. Keeping us entertained we decide to stay a little longer and order another round. Just goes to show that good live music will keep people longer (well it did us anyway).

Scallywags is a good pub with friendly and professional service, not forgetting a good pint, we’d definitely stop by next time we are in Hell’s Kitchen and think you should too. With the array of big screens around the bar it would make an ideal spot to watch the big game with your favourite stout.

Every night you’ll find at scallywags:

Live music from 10pm
Happy Hour 4-8pm
Happy hour 12-2am

You can keep up with Scallywags online at or on Facebook and twitter.

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