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Our search continues this week where many believe to be the best pint of Guinness in New York City. So how does NOHO’s favourite Irish bar, Swift Hibernian Lounge’s Guinness stack up to our benchmark? We just had to find out.

Swifts welcoming front greets us with homely hanging flower baskets and bright specials board setting the exterior apart from other businesses on the block. The open front doors leak the sound of the Rolling Stones on the stereo so we quickly make for the bar, for some of us this is always an agreeable soundtrack for a pub!

With happy hour in full swing we don’t see too many Guinness drinkers around but undeterred we order up a round. The Irish bartender lifts three 20 ounce glasses and embarks on three separate pours. Although different from the Guinness recommended two stage pour some argue this is the best way to pour a Guinness. It’s the first time we’ve seen this in the city so we are excited to see and taste the results.

The first pour is to the usual height at a 45 degree angle.
The second to just below the rim of the glass.
The third to crown the head.

With our pints placed in front of us settled and barely a bubble in sight on each head we raise our pints to bestguinnessnyc.com and are immediately hit by one of the creamiest heads we’ve come across. The Guinness itself is light and smooth just the way it should be. The creamy head leaves a nice wake as the pint progresses down the glass. To confirm this wasn’t just luck we have to have another you understand. Again the same three stage pour and again the same great taste, there is no doubt Swift Hibernian Lounge does have a great pint of Guinness and one of the best pints we’ve tried so far and definitely the closest we’ve come to matching Le Cheile’s benchmark pint.

Another thing we loved about Swift was its décor and lack of TV’s! It definitely reminded us of what a traditional pub should be with great music, great beer and some good old fashioned craic! Next time we’re in the neighbourhood you know where you can find us.

Swift is open seven days from noon – 4am
Happy hour Monday – Friday
Every Tuesday from 5pm – Half dozen oysters and pint of Guinness or shot of Russian standard vodka $12.

With an eclectic mix of domestic, foreign and craft beers on their twenty-two daft lines and over twenty different bottled beers, you’ll find something for everyone.

Swift is also known for its trad sessions and cask ale days so look out for them. You can keep up with swift at their website www.swiftnycbar.com find them on Facebook or follow them on twitter.

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