The Gramercy House Bar
16 or 20 Ounce100%
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91%Overall Score

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Our search for the best pint of Guinness in NYC takes us to a brand new bar for the first time, The Gramercy House bar, located in, you guessed it, Gramercy.

Walking up third Ave. between 21st and 22nd you can’t miss the massive American flag hanging above the entrance to the bar. Yip the bar is so new they haven’t even had time to hang their sign yet. After talking with the Irish bartender we discover they’ve been open for approximately four weeks.

Once we are finished admiring the stars and stripes the sound of traditional Irish music from Jameson’s Revenge lures us inside. The Irish bartender/Owner clocks us over the packed bar and we quickly order up four pints. With over ten years experience on the taps we know we are in good hands with Trevor, as are his bartenders! As you would expect four perfectly poured Guinness appear before us in brand new 20 ounce Gravity glasses. As we wait on them to settle our guest photographer gets to work. (We think you’ll agree our pics for this review are somewhat improved)

Reminding the snap happy photographer the real reason for being here we raise our glasses and embark on what would turn out to be a night to remember. The Guinness was fresh, smooth and not too heavy, even considering we had just come from dinner. By the end of the first pint we are all left with a nice wake of head down the glass. With not too many Guinness drinkers around the second pint tastes even better, with the keg being just below the tap the third tastes so fresh. We all agreed that over the coming months once the lines are seasoned/ run in the Guinness will only get better and better at The Gramercy House.

The bar itself is a great place to sit, with a fully opening frontage and skylight in the rear the bar is well light during the day and the array of candles and exposed brick make the bar even more intimate at night. The recessed TV’s above the bar aren’t even that intrusive.

With a traditional session every Wednesday, great bartenders and great surroundings this is definitely a recipe for a top bar and we wish The Gramercy Tavern every success. We will without a doubt be back.

The Gramercy Tavern is currently working on their online presence once they have something set up we will let you know. You can find an unofficial Facebook page here in the meantime.

As with any top bar you will find a vast array of draft and bottled beers, as well as wines, liquor and cocktails… pretty much something for everyone.

We strongly urge everyone to go give the bar that will give Molly’s a run for it’s money a try out, whether you’re a Guinness fan or not!

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