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The West village, as any Guinness drinker worth their salt will tell you is not the first place that you would associate with the search for the perfect pint of Guinness in New York City, but after a tip off we jumped on the A train to West 4th and after a quick walk through Washington square park found ourselves on the corner of Thompson and third street. Our eyes were immediately drawn to the large all glass exterior and the large sign above indicating we had arrived at The Half Pint. Was the Half Pints glass half full or half empty? Lets find out…

As soon as we walk in the door, looking around at the exposed brick and handmade wooden tables and bar, the bartender immediately clocks us and realizes we are looking for a seat at the bar. Unfortunately the bar is full but he quickly finds us a great bar table by the window. We can only see one or two drinking the black stuff but we order up anyway since that is of course why we are here. The first pint arrives in a new 20 ounce Gravity glass; we give the obligatory cheers and down the hatch.

The pint has a good head, which it keeps down the glass leaving a good few rings in its wake, always a good sign. The Guinness itself tastes smooth and not too heavy, which we love.

As we finish our first pint the bartender draws our attention, when we look up there are two fresh pints sitting in front of two empty bar stools. If that’s not great service and attention to detail we don’t know what is!

The second is better than the first and by the third the Guinness is flowing well and tastes even better. The Irishman Definitely knows how to pour a proper pint in a proper sized glass.

The craic with the bartenders and staff we met was great and we definitely enjoyed our time at the Half Pint. Our only regret was that we couldn’t stay longer! The Half Pint is a haven for beer lovers. The Half pint appears to have it all with 25 drafts and what seemed like an endless bottle selection. This place was voted to have Manhattans best beer selection and we can see why.

We left the Half Pint full of enthusiasm and optimism and can say with ease, the Half Pints glass is definitely half full!! We will be back!

In the mood for something like a Guinness but not a Guinness? Try the Boddingtons.


Monday night is go big or go home with all big bottles half price.

Tuesdays are get you hands on our cans! Five cans for $25

Fridays are fish fry-days

Saturday & Sundays are bottomless brunch

Happy hour is until 6pm

You can keep up with the Half Pint at their website and on Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare.

Next week our quest for the Best Guinness in New York City continues…

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